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Lejernes Landsorganisation er en sammenslutning af selvstændige afdelinger, hvor man som medlem kan få råd, vejledning og assistance. Lejernes Landsorganisation er en medlemsorganisation. Vi modtager ikke offentlig støtte. Vores mulighed for at være til rådighed for dig og andre lejere bygger derfor på medlemskab.


Are you an expat or a foreign citizen living in Denmark?

Are you having problems with your landlords? Would you like check whether your rent is too high? Are you moving out of your rented apartment? Do you have maintenance issues in your lease?

Check here, how to get in touch with us

In all these cases, you should consider contacting the local chapter of the Danish Tenants Organization (LLO).

For more than 100 years, we have been helping tenants achieving proper conditions in their rented homes.

We can help you check if the rent is fair and legal. We can also help you with bad maintenance in your apartment, contest the costs imposed on you when moving out – and in general manage all kinds of problematic relations with your landlords.

LLO is a membership organization. We currently have approximately 50.000 members. If you pay a membership fee, we will help you. The size of the fee depends on where you live in Denmark. It varies between 1.000 and 2.000 DKK per year and it includes services like counselling and, if necessary, taking your case to the Rent Control Board.

If we win your case, we will NOT charge you extra.

The LLO is a membership organization with chapters in all major cities in Denmark. We process more than 5.000 cases every year. We employ lawyers and other experts.

As a democratically run membership organization we also work politically, defending the rights of tenants. The current Danish legislation on tenure, to a big extent, is our achievement.

Warning: Cyber based companies like Rent Hero or Rent Guide offer help online. If you choose letting them represent you, you will pay an excessive amount of money, if they win your case.

Check here, how to get in touch with us

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Expat/foreigner in Denmark: A Warning

If you have problems with your apartment or if your rent is too high, do not contact cyber based companies. They will charge you an excessive amount of money – we have seen up to 25.000 DKK for helping with a very simple case, regarding too high rent. They simply charge up to 50% of your gain, if you win the case.

Some of the companies have very fine recommendations on services like Trustpilot, as they are very polite and efficient. In the cases, we have seen, this covers enormous fees for writing two (simple) letters to the local rent tribunal.

If you want to test your rent for instance, you can do it yourself, simply by writing to the local, municipal rent tribunal. You can find your local rent tribunal on the homepage of your municipality. Is costs 314 DKK to make a case.

Call the rent tribunal and ask how to do it – or join the LLO, and we will help you.

If you don´t want to do it yourself, contact your local chapter of The Danish Tenants Organization (LLO). A membership fee costs between 1000 and 2.500 DKK per year, depending on, whether you want only want counselling and instructions on how to do – or if you want the LLO to conduct your case. The membership fee is fixed, we do not charge you, if you win the case!

Don´t get cheated out there!

LLO Denmark

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